BOM Helper Maven Plugin aims to help BOM creators by providing goals that allow to verify, modify and generate BOMs

What is BOM?

BOM stands for Bill Of Materials and is used to describe the list list of the raw materials needed to manufacture an end product. In the context of Maven, a BOM is a special kind of project that contains a list of the specific versions of all dependencies that a project may use. It allows developers to add dependency to their projects/module without worrying about the version. For more details about Maven BOM please see Dependency Management section of Maven’s Dependency Mechanism and Spring with Maven BOM article.

How this plug-in can help ?

There are number of different ways to create/generate Maven BOMs. Many may already have own ways to solve the issues this plug-in trues to solve. But for those who don’t have such tool, this plug-in can help with

  • making sure the BOM entries are resolvable. The resolve goal will iterate over the list and fail the build if the BOM contains unresolvable dependency.
  • sorting the dependencies alphabetically to make it easy for humans to read the BOM. See sort goal for details
  • generating (or updating existing) BOM from local jar files containing Maven metadata. See fromJars goal for details


The project is released under Apache License, Version 2.0