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Тhe IT solution your company needs, is most likely already out there! We simply help you find it and make it work for you!

Find the right components

Tell us what your business goal is and we'll tell you what software stack is best suited for you. To give you maximum freedom and agility we prefer to work with open source software where possible!

Build the missing pices

Likely no OOTB solution will fit perfectly! We will modified it, develop it further, integrate it with other pices and your existing systems or perhaps simply customize it for you.

Train your team

Software is just a tool. As any tool, it shows its full power only in craftsman's or artist's hand! We'll prepare your team by showing them how to make the most of your investment!


Sometimes a helper tool needs to be developed to get the job done. Sometimes given part of the application turns out to be generic and useful. Sometimes there is simply an idea and some spare time. In such cases we do our best to turn the code into open source project and share it.

BOM Helper Maven Plugin

BOM Helper Maven Plugin aims to help BOM creators by providing goals that allow to verify, modify and generate BOMs

WeDeploy Maven Plugin

Allows to instantly deploy and run Java applications / microservices in WeDeploy cloud!

WeDeploy Java Client

Allows Java applications to talk to WeDeploy cloud services as if those were local ones.

EM (Eccentric Modularity)

Maven extension making it easy to build modular, contract based Java applications

Liferay Karaf compatibility

Make some of the usefull Karaf's functionalities (shell, features, ...) available in Liferay 7

Liferay Deivce Recognition

Liferay extension allowing to recognize user's device and perform device specific actions

Liferay plugins

Collection of free and open source Liferay plugins (Tailgate, CustomGlobalMarkup, UI Taglib Demo)


Java API for's remote API for generating web thumbnails and full size snapshots of websites


Allows developers to maintain their application/build/i18n/... properties in a central registry .


Simple but highly extensible Java library that alows monitoring of any part of the application.


COMMSEN International is based in Poland.
It was founded by Milen Dyankov in 2006.
Since the begginig it serves (directly or as a subcontractor) some of the biggest companies in Europe.

Bazylijska 74
95-100 Zgierz, Poland