In order to use this plugin to deploy your application, you need to make sure

Prepare your WeDeploy project files

Following Maven’s standard directory structure, this plugin by default uses ${project.basedir}/src/wedeploy but you are free to configure this via sourceDirectory property! The whole tree under this directory will be deployed.

The directory should contain at least 2 files:


This is what tells WeDeploy the service name (and parameters) that you want to create. It may look like this for example:

  "id": "MyGreatJavaApp",
  "memory": 2048,
  "port": 8080

See WeDeploy’s documentation for more details!


This is what tells WeDeploy how to build the container for you. It may look like this for example:

FROM frolvlad/alpine-oraclejdk8
COPY MyGreatJavaApp.jar /app/MyGreatJavaApp.jar
ENTRYPOINT ["java","-jar","/app/MyGreatJavaApp.jar"]

See Dockerfile format for more details!

Provide your WeDeploy credentials

Open <MAVEN_HOME>/settings.xml file and create a server entry for your WeDeploy account. It should look like this:


You can provide your password in plain text (not recommended) or encrypt it first!

By default the plugin will try to find credentials in server with id wedeploy. If you choose to use another id, you’ll also need to set serverId property!

Configure WeDeploy Maven Plugin

Here is an example configuration that will try to deploy ${}/${project.artifactId}.jar to my_wedeploy_project :


Please note, future versions of this plugin may allow to automatically create projects but for now MyWeDeployProject must exists in the user’s account. You can create it using online console.

Deploy your project

Deploying to production is something you better be 100% sure about! Therefore by default this plugin will not do it automatically for you. If that’s what you want, configure the plugin to execute at the maven stage that makes sense for you deployment process!

To manually deploy your project run mvn we:deploy